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its lowest midterm-election v▓oter turnout in 2014 since the early 1940s.

The average turnout across the United States was 37 percent, with a low of 28.8 percent recorded in▓ Indiana (http://www.usatoday.com, March 20, 2015).It was di

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fficult for voters to express their▓ real will. The Christian Science Monitor carried a repor▓t on its website on December 1

3, 2015 that the two-party ▓system forced the voters to take side. Most voters cast ballots for a party not because they supported the party but out of fear an


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d worry over the other one (www.csmonitor.com, December 13, 2015). It was said in the U.S▓. President's State of the Union Address ▓for 2016 that the practice of drawi▓ng congressional districts led to the situation where "pol▓iticians can pick their voters, and not the ot▓her way around." It w

ent on to say that "t▓he rancor and suspicion between parties has gotten ▓worse instead of better."Citizens' right▓ to information was hampered by the government. According to a report by the Associated Press on March 13, 2015, authorities were undermining the laws that were supposed to guarantee citizens' right to information and the systems created to ▓give citizens information about their governmen

t. In addition, it was getting harder to use public records to hold▓ government officials accountable (www.ap.org, March 13, 2015). An article on the website of the CNN reported on February 13, 2015 that journalists and news supervision authorities had continually slammed the current U.S. admin

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